Best free chess apps for android - Lichess app review

One of the best free chess apps for tournament players. It has great features, and very useful for chess learning. You can play online chess, and you can play with computer, and friends. You can practice chess tactics, and analyze your chess games.  Let us see the highlights of this chess app.

1. Create a game
  • You can play live chess with players on the server. 
  • Play blitz, rapid, standard chess, and get a rating

2. Analysis board

  • Stockfish 8, chess engine is available for analysing games.
  • Analyse your chess games or setup positions. Learn from your games.

3. Training

The best part of the app is Training. You can solve chess puzzles like tactics, endgames etc. You can get a rating for chess tactics and chess games. 

Some of the other features are:
  • You can play against computer 
  • you can import games to analyse them. 
  • Advance search 
  • Watch lichess TV 
  • Play with a friend, tournaments etc
Lichess app is very useful for tournament players.


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