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Best PGN Viewer for Windows: ChessBase Reader 2017 Tutorial

Chess players like to have a PGN viewer for Windows PC. So they can view and analyze chess games. There are many PGN viewers available for windows. One of the best PGN viewer for Windows is ChessBase Reader 2017.
ChessBase Reader 2017 is a free PGN viwer for windows. Please note it has only limited features. If you own ChessBase 14, you don't required ChessBase Reader 2017. If you are looking for a free Chess PGN viewer, then it is a good option.

You can download it from ChessBase website. The most important features are You can view PGN files and it supports various formats like pgn, cbh, cbf etc. You can analyze chess games with chess engines like Stockfish 8.

Best free chess apps for android - Lichess app review

One of the best free chess apps for tournament players. It has great features, and very useful for chess learning. You can play online chess, and you can play with computer, and friends. You can practice chess tactics, and analyze your chess games.  Let us see the highlights of this chess app.

1. Create a game You can play live chess with players on the server. Play blitz, rapid, standard chess, and get a rating 2. Analysis boardStockfish 8, chess engine is available for analysing games.Analyse your chess games or setup positions. Learn from your games.