Top Ten Chess Apps for Android Mobiles or Tablets

If you have an android mobile or tablet and want to play chess and improve your chess skills, then this is the article for you. 

I have been using android chess apps for a very long time. I have found the following apps are very useful for improving chess players. I would recommend these apps to players who are below ELO 1800. 

Here is my top ten list.

1.   Chess - Analyze This:

This wonderful app powered with many features like:
  • Analysis mode
You can set up any position on the board or load your pgn games and you can do analysis with the world's strongest chess engine Stockfish. It has Stockfish 3.0, Stockfish DD and Critter 1.6a.
  • Paste PGN or FEN and share with other chess apps or Email/ Twitter
It also has a paid version with extra features.

2. DroidFish Chess:

This is the one chess app you always want to use it. It is similar to 'Chess -Analyze This' with additional features like
  • Blindfold mode 
  • PGN import/export/edit 
  • Two player mode 
  • Adjustable playing strength 
  • Scid DB support
I think it has an excellent user interface, but not better than 'Chess -Analyze This'. So that's why i have given it second place.

3. Scid on the go

Probably the best PGN viewer for your device and it is free. The best part of this app is you can download millions of pgn files and search games by ECO or ELO or player names. It has other features like.

  • Copy/Paste games and positions to/from clipboard. 
  • Analysis with engines: Critter 1.2 (ARM) or Stockfish 2.1.1

4. Chess - Play & Learn:

If you want to play chess online with real players then this is the app for you. Once you have opened an account with, you can play with millions of players around the world.

You don't have to pay for online playing it is free of cost. If you have a premium membership, you can use many features like videos...etc.

5. Mobialia Chess:

If you have an account with FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) then this is the best app for you to play online chess.

Like app you can play chess with thousands of players around the world. It has an excellent user interface and great features like.
  • Play against computer (Elo 500 to 2100)
  • It has a simple PGN browser you can load games from your memory card.
  • 2900 chess problems (Easy/Medium/Hard).
It also has a paid version with additional features.

6. Chess Puzzles - iChess

It is a well-known fact that solving chess problems help one to improve at chess. The top players like Dr. John Nunn and Jonathan Mestel are great chess problem solvers. 

If you are looking for a free chess puzzle app, then this is the app for you. It has many great features like. 

  • Total 1000 problems with three difficulty levels no internet connection required.
  • Bird View feature to view failed and solved problems. 
  • You can ask for a hint or analyse problems with 'Chess - Analyze This' app.
It also has a paid version with additional features.

7. Tactic Trainer - chess puzzle:

This is also a chess puzzle app, but you need an internet connection to solve problems. It is a great app to work on your tactical skills its features are 
  • More than 20k tactical chess problems 
  • You can track your performance by statistics and graphs

8. Chess

This is one of the best chess utility apps in play store. Best part of this app is you can play with other players via Bluetooth or WiFi.

If you like solving chess problems, then this is the app for you. It has 38,000 chess puzzles. This app does not support online play, but this has many features and it is a must have app.
  • Play against computer 10 difficulty levels.
  • Use it like a PGN viewer.
  • Setup position and ask for a hint.
  • You can download grandmasters and world championship games.

9. ChessBase online:

This is the best app for chess database and it is not free. It has many great features like
  • You get access to 5 million chess games in the database server.
  • You can check opening variations with board and move statistics.
  • You can load or save your pgn files and send games by Email.
  • 600 annotated master games from 1857 to 2011.

10. Shredder Chess:

This is one of the best paid chess apps in play store. You can play against Shredder or analyse positions or solve puzzles. The best part of this app is shredder mimics players playing strength.

During the game if you make a weak move it will warn you. Its features are
  • Adjustable playing strength from ELO 850 to ELO 2600
  • You can get a rating
  • 1000 built in chess puzzles
  • You can analyse any position
  • Import or export games in PGN format.
I admit that it is very hard to pick top ten out of thousands of apps. I may have missed out some apps. I hope this list is useful to you.


  1. This is one of the Very Informative Blog for Chess lovers...

  2. This is very good information, especially I am using i-chess, analyse this and tactical trainer extensively ... all are very good tools to improve your chess..

  3. Very objective and useful information. Didn't know about Shredder Chess, going to buy it.

  4. Thank u for sharing such nice information.Great job.!! recording app

  5. This is blogging at its best. People helping each other doesn't make the news often enough! An immediate bookmark and place to follow. Keep up the great work!

  6. 2 more apps.
    Follow Chess and Lomonosov 7 men Tablebases.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I have used them. They are very useful. I will review them soon.

  7. Is Lomonosov7 working for you? I get connection failed.

  8. Very good info and i agree with it....

  9. Excellent place for chess lovers...

    1. Thank you so much. I will write more reviews soon.

  10. Any recommendations for a beginner just starting to learn the game?

  11. Any recommendations for a beginner just starting to learn the game?

    1. Hi Thomas, if I were you, I'd start with books. Written ones, on paper. Still if you want, PGNs with openings and endgame are vital. Play much with players close to your strength and, before anything, solve a lot of chess problems.

    2. Hi Thomas,
      First of all, please learn basic checkmate patterns, and then read the book ‘chess fundamentals’ by Jose Raul Capablanca. You may find a PDF file, if you do a Google search. Or study Bobby Fisher teaches chess by Bobby Fisher. These are great books for beginners.
      Endgame skills are must for chess improvement. You may read books mentioned below.
      1. Pandolfini's endgame course by Bruce Pandolfini
      2. Complete Endgame course by Jeremy Silman (beginner to Intermediate level)
      After this you can study openings which you like. Chess cnvc, app, chess analyse this… are good apps for beginners.
      If you have more questions please feel free to ask. I will do by best.

  12. I find dr chess of sud games the best app for playing other people, they also include national fkags so u can know which country they are in

  13. I find dr chess of sud games the best app for playing other people, they also include national fkags so u can know which country they are in

  14. Hi,
    Is your tablet Android base?
    If yes, you can try apps below:
    1 Chess
    2. Scid on the go
    3. Shredder

    For your tablet, most of the apps mentioned here works fine.

  15. For chess tactics I recommend My Chess Puzzles :

  16. Hi all. Congratulations on this excellent chess blog. Maybe you can help. I am looking for an app for android for tactics training. However I'd like to use my own tactics sets to really fuse them into my memory. Any advice would be extremely appreciated and welcome. Thank you and happy hunting ☺

    1. Hi Marc
      For tactics you can try following apps:

      1 Chess tempo app (in browser only) is really good for tactics training. If you select hard option in settings you will get tactics suitable to your skill level.Tactics difficulty level increases as you progress. Premium users will get additional options.

      2. You can try Tactic trainer app

      3. Chess cnvcs is also good.


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