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Best PGN Viewer for Windows: ChessBase Reader 2017 Tutorial

Chess players like to have a PGN viewer for Windows PC. So they can view and analyze chess games. There are many PGN viewers available for windows. One of the best PGN viewer for Windows is ChessBase Reader 2017.
ChessBase Reader 2017 is a free PGN viwer for windows. Please note it has only limited features. If you own ChessBase 14, you don't required ChessBase Reader 2017. If you are looking for a free Chess PGN viewer, then it is a good option.

You can download it from ChessBase website. The most important features are You can view PGN files and it supports various formats like pgn, cbh, cbf etc. You can analyze chess games with chess engines like Stockfish 8.

Best free chess apps for android - Lichess app review

One of the best free chess apps for tournament players. It has great features, and very useful for chess learning. You can play online chess, and you can play with computer, and friends. You can practice chess tactics, and analyze your chess games.  Let us see the highlights of this chess app.

1. Create a game You can play live chess with players on the server. Play blitz, rapid, standard chess, and get a rating 2. Analysis boardStockfish 8, chess engine is available for analysing games.Analyse your chess games or setup positions. Learn from your games.

Interesting Chess Quotes

Top chess players of the world have given thousands of chess quotes just to enlighten us about the game. It is very tough to pick the best out of thousands of chess quotes. Here, I am giving you a very interesting list.

1 “When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box” -Italian proverb.
2. “In life, as in chess, forethought wins” -Charles Buxter
3. “You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one” -Tal 4. "Tal doesn't move the pieces by hand, he uses a magic wand” - Viacheslav Ragozin.

Watch Live Chess Tournaments Online in Android Mobiles

Most of the chess enthusiasts, watch live chess tournaments in websites like chessdom, chessbomb, TV... etc. These websites are great to watch live chess games with commentary, and integrated chess engine analysis like Houdini, Stockfish... etc.

When it comes to android smartphones, there are a few apps available in the play store to watch live chess tournaments online.

1. Live Chess Free: 

This app allows you to watch live chess tournaments happening around the world. Its features are It has an excellent user interface, and stockfish engine. It lets you analyze while watching live chess games.The free version of this app comes with ads and allows you to watch only limited tournaments. Paid version of this app allows user to watch most of the tournaments.

Top Ten Chess Apps for Android Mobiles or Tablets

If you have an android mobile or tablet and want to play chess and improve your chess skills, then this is the article for you. 

I have been using android chess apps for a very long time. I have found the following apps are very useful for improving chess players. I would recommend these apps to players who are below ELO 1800. 

Here is my top ten list.

1.Chess - Analyze This:

This wonderful app powered with many features like: Analysis modeYou can set up any position on the board or load your pgn games and you can do analysis with the world's strongest chess engine Stockfish. It has Stockfish 3.0, Stockfish DD and Critter 1.6a. Paste PGN or FEN and share with other chess apps or Email/ TwitterIt also has a paid version with extra features.